Where have we reached so far ?

KPA has its various aims and objectives which the Association has tried to put forth on various forums. The printing fraternity was once ignored on various concensus by the authorities but what Kashmir Printers Association has acheived is why almost every member of it is in need of it. It has now evolved itself as a dynamic and influential organization that provides a strong voice for the Printing fraternity of Kashmir.

1. Power tarrif which was very high has been raised with the concerned authority and a necessary cirular on this behalf has been made for the revised tarrif.

2. One of the most important acheivements is that the tender for printing has been made restricted to printers/publishers. This matter was raised with the Deputy Commissioner who restricted all the non-declarative Unit holders and cirulated it to concerned DC's not to get printing work done from them. For this a notice was also published in the prominent local dailies.


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